VIACOR’s quartz sand puts a stop to dust!

In response to the numbers of fatalities caused by air pollution, it has become essential to address and implement the programme called “Dust-free Building” which was developed in conjunction with the German Ministry for Employment, construction groups, trade associations, occupational safety groups, trade unions, the Environment Agency and the BAuA.

Staubarme QUARZ-SANDE von VIACOR für Bodenbeschichtungen

In order to adhere to the current workplace limit of 1,25 milligram A dust* per cubic meter of air and fulfil the criteria of the amount of quartz fine dust of 0.05 mg/m3 on building sites, we are switching, with immediate effect, to dust-free quartz sand for the filling and spreading of flooring coatings.

The following sands are available without dust:


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VIACOR’s dust-free infill sand and filler materials fulfil all the requirements for occupational safety and protection at work. As a manufacturer of building materials for industrial and sporting floor systems we are duty-bound to offer our partners and customers the highest quality along with optimal protection. Our entire product ranges VIASOL, VIASEAL and PORPLASTIC fulfil all the legal requirements and are tested in accordance with all of the current standards and guidelines.

You can access useful information about dust reduction on building sites here:

The Dustcontrol guide for construction:

Creeate a plan to control the dust

BG Bau’s Action Plan for Construction Dust (german)

*respirable (alveolar) fraction (A dust) refers to the part of the inhalable dust, which is so fine, that it can penetrate into the smallest branches of the lungs, the alveolar (the pulmonary alveoli). Source: