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The Magazine

Welcome to your second help-ing of the VIACOR /PORPLASTIC magazine! We take a lot of pride in what we do and think our magazine highlights this!


The feedback we received from the first varied from “sensational”, “wow, it’s amazing”, “fantas-tic”, “great, now we get to know much more about you”, “you’re all crazy”, “really inspiring”, “I knew you were different”, “unbelievably innovative”, “it’s impressive that a company of your size is able to do something like this” to “too much text”, “waste of money”, “just another magazine”, “did you really do that?”, “what are the benefits of doing this?”, “I don’t have time to read this”, and so on. In summary, it left an impression and gave people some food for thought, and it also reinforced to us what it is we do and who we are!

To have time is an expression of interest. What are we dealing with? What should we concentrate on and what are our goals? VIACOR is an eternal fountain of youth with its energy, creativity and strength! New products, systems, solutions, partnerships, friendships, service, a holistic approach to training, sporting activities, sponsorships, hap-piness, inspiration, continual challenges, personal development, a zest for life! Nothing is as certain as change and we welcome and encourage this.

We really hope you enjoy browsing and reading.