PORPLASTIC RedClay are built in the USA

RedClay USA announces their first Renaissance RedClay™ tennis courts are built in the USA and are available for test play, purchase and installation anywhere in the USA. With RedClay expert and new German partner Viacor GmbH, RCUSA welcomes America to try the innovative RedClay, the latest choice for tennis courts anywhere, indoors or outdoors, new court or conversion of existing hard or clay court.

RedClay USA announces the first U.S. installations of its Renaissance RedClay™ tennis court technology. With their new German partner Viacor GmbH, RCUSA invites America to come play, slide and experience the latest addition to American tennis - - real European RedClay, but without the expensive maintenance, water usage and labor costs.

Renaisssance RedClay™ is the innovative intersection of traditional European red clay and modern construction methods, creating superior function and beautiful aesthetics.

PORPLASTIC Tennis court in the USA

RCUSA and Viacor believe their proprietary RedClay systems, already used at professional events in Europe, will play a big part in the future of American tennis.

Renaissance RedClay™ courts solve the dire need for a new, affordable clay court (soft surface), that can lead to a change in direction for American tennis - - away from typical hard courts (asphalt) and their associated knee/hip joint problems.

The RedClay technology is already acclaimed in Europe for being virtually maintenance-free and with its unmatched water porosity (no rain puddles), its the most economical when considering upkeep labor, time lost from rain wash-outs and long-term durability.

“We’ve officially opened a new era for American tennis,” states RCUSA CEO Brian Osterberg, “and even the French Tennis Federation has inquired as to how we can promote our common interest in bringing more red clay tennis to grow the sport and culture.”

The Porsche Grand Prix Tennis event, the largest indoor women’s tournament in the world offered a letter of recommendation from Tournament Director, Markus Gunthardt.

Head of USA Construction Joe Vankalker states, “We’ve successfully installed some of our new RedClay courts at venues like the Porsche Arena in Stuttgart and Boyne Mountain Resort in Michigan, and we're ready to build anywhere.”

RedClay USA sports flooring VIACOR PORPLASTIC

“Our RedClay technology is a perfect new alternative when re-surfacing existing hard or traditional clay courts. American tennis will never be the same once kids discover how fun it is running, sliding and learning tennis so easily on our RedClay,” states Tommy Dahl, Viacor GmbH, Sports Director.

“I like the ease of slide of Renaissance RedClay™ built at Boyne Mountain Resort. It’s a light and very giving surface with a true and predictable bounce,” states Spainish-born Fernando Belmar, teaching professional, and #1 player at Michigan State 1984-88, “This new RedClay technology is to me like the baseball movie, Field of Dreams. If you build it, they will come.”

Brandywine Tennis, of DeLand, FL, Managing Director Wei-Yu Su from Taiwan and Hawaii states: "It’s great to see the first Renaissance RedClay™ courts in the USA, finally bringing red clay to the masses here because of its innovation and great value. I can see these courts built everywhere.”

Indoor Renaissance RedClay™ requires no watering at all and is poised to cause a radical shift in indoor tennis for the U.S, based on its successful use at the Porsche Grand Prix event, where top pros in the world expressed their delight with the courts.

RCUSA welcomes inquiries for exclusive regional construction installers. Corporate marketing sponsorships for existing clubs and academies are available and also for new state-of-the-art facilities under construction.

The first tennis facilities adding RedClay are leading the new American tennis direction. Contact: info(at)redclayusa.com or RCUSA Sales at 231 622 1869 for pricing and installation scheduling.