Magazine | Issue No. 2


Here at VIACOR Polymer GmbH we believe that a strong and close customer focus is one of the most important principles for having successful business relationships. Our customer seminars, which are held every year between January and March, play an important part in achieving this. They allow us to keep our customers informed of the latest developments, present them with new innovations and actively include them in these developments, thus cultivating an important exchange of ideas with them.

As we have a worldwide customer and partner network, we hold our customer workshops in English. For VIACOR ASIA’s customers and potential Asian customers, travelling to Germany is a long way for them to come for a seminar lasting only two or three days, so along with VIACOR ASIA we decided to hold seminars for their customers on their continent. Last May we travelled to Malaysia, and for the first time we held our workshop sessions at the VIACOR ASIA offices. The contingent travelling from Germany included Owner and Managing Director Dr Ralf Jooss, our Technical Manager Michael Haseidl, Product Manager Wolfgang Motzer, who skilfully plans and gives our seminars in Germany, and me, Ramona Arnold from the marketing team and responsible for event management.

The entire VIACOR ASIA team were also present, and everyone supported each other in planning an excellent workshop. Before the event itself, many things had already been organised by the teams in Germany and Asia, and so that we could prepare and discuss everything beforehand, we arrived a few days before the workshops were due to begin. We were able to relax in the tropical heat during the weekend before the event began.

Participants Workshop #1

Participants Workshop #1

Participants Workshop #2

Participants Workshop #2

On both workshop days, our speakers were able to introduce all the delegates to the world of VIACOR. The itinerary was varied and covered aspects such as basics of flooring and a presentation of our product range, through to detailed presentations and special tips that were worth knowing. From time to time there were opportunities to exchange ideas and ask and answer questions.

There were also some practical elements included, which added some variety to the workshops. These allowed the participants to actively get involved by applying materials and getting experience of different materials and surface samples under the watchful eye of Nahem – learning by doing!

After a productive day with a lot of input, we spent a pleasant evening in a roof-top bar and restaurant with all the participants. Accompanied by stunning views over the city centre of Kuala Lumpur and in direct view of the famous Petronas Towers, we enjoyed a lovely dinner and time spent together after workshop #1. After workshop #2, we went to the popular Bangsar Village area to marvel at the amazing skyline of Kuala Lumpur from high up.


„Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn. “
– Benjamin Franklin


The days were interesting and varied, and I would like to extend my thanks to my colleagues at VIACOR ASIA, who had organised and energetically supported many aspects of the planning and execution of the event. We were also really pleased with the number of people who came from across South East Asia and actively participated in our workshop.

It was a diverse experience with people from many different countries, accompanied by many interest-ing stories and conversations and especially a lot of laughter and fun – besides this there was also some learning going on.

I hope that we were able to give the delegates an insight into our world and pass on all the important points. I’m already looking forward to future workshops in Malaysia.




facts viacor asia map 3.png

The federation of Malaysia comprises Peninsular Malaysia, which is made up of 11 states, three Federal Territories and the states of Sabah and Sarawak situated in Borneo.


facts viacor asia bevoelkerung 2.png

Among the 32 million inhabitants, Malays make up about 52 % of the population, with Chinese, Indians and other ethnic groups making
up the rest.


facts viacor asia language 2.png

Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) is the national language, but English is widely spoken. Malaysians also speak various languages and dialects.


facts viacor asia hauptstadt 1.png

Kuala Lumpur on the west coast is the federal capital and most populous city in Malaysia.


facts viacor asia religion 1.png

Islam is the official religion, but all other religions are practised freely.


facts viacor asia currency 1.png

The unit of currency is the Malaysian Ringgit, which is indicated as RM.

An account of her experience by Ramona Arnold