Magazine | Issue No. 2

VIASEAL waterproofing

VIASEAL waterproofing systems – machine-applied polyurea or polyurea hybrid spray-coatings –established worldwide as efficient waterproofing membranes.

VIASEAL spray coats are membranes based on two-component, highly reactive liquid resins. The membranes are applied to the floor or walls using special high-pressure spray machines and cure within seconds. These reliable spray coats are applied as protection and are like a second skin to the building or floor.

VIASEAL spray coatings prevent the permeation of moisture or pollutants into new building structures and eliminate any weak points in refurbishments. Value retention and considerable time and cost benefits offer significant economical advantages. The short curing time and the machine installation enable daily surface capacities of up to 1000 m². The surfaces are dust dry after five minutes, can be walked on after 30 minutes, and are mechanically resistant after two hours curing time. If needed, the next layer can be applied on the same day.

The jointless application on walls or ceilings is very straight-forward and also offers seamless processing on rails, overhang plates and other installations such as light and ventilation domes or drainage channels. Even complex geometries can be sealed using spray technology. As a result, areas equipped with VIASEAL products are virtually maintenance-free.

Viaseal polyurea spray coat

The spray coating is the waterproofing layer of the coating system, which usually consists of a primer, an intermediate layer, the actual sealing layer and, if required, an additional sealer or other layers. The spray membrane is based on high-quality polyurea or polyuria-hybrid and ensures a permanently elastic, shrink-free and seamless membrane.

The VIASEAL waterproofing membranes are low-temperature-resistant, permanently elastic in a temperature range of – 40 to + 80 °C, water-vapour-permeable and cure without shrinkage. The root and microbe resistance was tested according to DIN 4062. The products contain no solvents or plasticisers and are early-water resistant. Protection against UV exposure and the colour design of the surfaces can be achieved with a subsequently applied top sealer.

The VIASEAL spray coats are firmly bound to the building structure.
Due to the full-surface bonding on the ground, there is no sub-surface migration of water.


waterproofing spray coating 1


The VIASEAL spray coats are firmly bound to the building structure. Due to the full-surface bonding on the ground, there is no sub-surface migration of water. For surface extensions or reworking of existing waterproofing, it is possible to work seamlessly on existing surfaces.

The VIASEAL products are unproblematic in terms of disposal and therefore superior to all other mixed materials such as fleece / plastics / bitumen membranes. There is no risk of fire or odour during installation, as the product is applied without an open flame.


The fast-curing, liquid plastic synthetic resin systems from VIACOR are:

Additionally for application on parking decks, the liquid membranes can be used as an elastic intermediate layer, for example in the system VIASOL DECK rapid. Here, special emphasis is placed on the short installation time for the jointless and seamless membrane. The parking deck system is fast and low-temperature curing, dynamically crack-bridging and highly resistant to abrasion.

VIASEAL spray coating systems have proven to be a crack-bridging, permanently elastic alternative to conventional waterproofing membranes.

Areas of application:

  • White tubs
  • Trough structures (e.g. underpasses)
  • Driveable warm and cold roof structures (with pressure distributing panels)
  • Sprinkler tanks, e.g. in indoor areas
  • Water games, fountains etc. in urban design
  • Rainwater retention basin
  • Firefighting water and sprinkler tanks
    and water retention basins
  • Podium decks, underground car park
    ceilings and extensive and intensive green areas
  • Covered ceilings such as tunnel portals a. “Cut and Cover” tunnels, podium decks
  • Park deck flooring for the protection
    and maintenance of buildings
  • Abrasion protection for conveyor technology
  • Protection of truck cargo areas, ramps and vehicle floorings
  • Freely exposed areas


Product presentation by Katin Mahnke