High-Perfomance synthetic resins Our quality

VIACOR's high-performance reactive resins stand for performance and responsibility throughout product life.

Modern reactive resins are indispensable in our lives. Hardly any other material offers such diverse design and application possibilities. The principle was copied from nature and already worked millions of years ago.

Epoxy resins today are derived from crude oil and are liquid "all-rounders" in terms of durability and aesthetic potential.

Polyurethanes are based on the vegetable, renewable raw material castor oil and are an ideal material especially for elastic and decorative floor coatings.

VIASOL Industrial and PORPLASTIC Sports Floor Coating Systems are second to no other material in the environmental footprint and contribute to a comfortable, health-friendly environment. In the end of their life cycle, our products are also unproblematic in the disposal which is not self-evident.