Introduced … About us

A hearty welcome at VIACOR !

"VIACOR – the name reflects the programme
VIACOR (lat.) – „way of the heart“ is our guiding star! The fundamental basis of all life!

Therefore we work with and for people.
VIACOR represents „protecting values“ – VIACOR - „we protect values“

How and in which form?
For over 20 years, we develop, manufacture and sell Jointless Floorcoatings and sealers in a thickness from micrometer to centimeter.

1.) Functional floorings for business & industry
2.) PORPLASTIC sport surfaces for Indoor & Outdoor
3.) Waterproofing for special applications

VIACOR is a creative workshop + synthetic resine manufactory for Innovation, performance and efficiency in superior solutions for floors.
Where? From Germany for the entire world – in all climate zones „the world is not enough“

For what reason?
Very simply, because we permanently grow on our duties, to make a contribution – in and for one world we want to live and enjoy!"

Dr. Ralf Jooss, CEO

VIACOR´s floor coating systems and waterproof systems

VIACOR uses state-of-the-art polymers and liquid plastics such as epoxy resins and polyurethanes to produce a full range of floor coatings from the traditional through to special heavy-duty, conductive, decorative or chemical-resistant systems and even parking deck coatings. Our range is rounded off with sealing and building protection solutions.

We also manufacture PORPLASTIC sports floor systems. Our production is located in Germany and as well in Malaysia for the Asian market.

„What we do makes sense“ 


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