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Workshop in Asia

Workshop-Session at the plant of VIACOR ASIA

A diversified programme was offered, ranging from basics around the flooring area to the presentation of the product portfolio as well as detailled presentations on valuable tips.

Here at VIACOR Polymer GmbH we believe that a strong and close customer focus is one of the most important principles for having successful business relationships.

Our customer seminars, which are held every year between January and March, play an important part in achieving this.

The entire VIACOR ASIA team were also present, and everyone supported each other in planning an excellent workshop.

Before the event itself, many things had already been organised by the teams in Germany and Asia, and so that we could prepare and discuss everything beforehand, we arrived a few days before the workshops were due to begin. We were able to relax in the tropical heat during the weekend before the event began.

On early monday, the workshop started. After everyone had arrived in Kota Kemuning at VIACOR ASIA eingetroffen waren, the workshop started with a presentation round. Friends and new faces from the Asian-Pacific area had come from different countries in order to take part in the workshop – from Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia and Singapore.

On both workshop days, our speakers were able to introduce all the delegates to the world of VIACOR. The itinerary was varied and covered aspects such as basics of flooring and a presentation of our product range, through to detailed presentations and special tips that were worth knowing. From time to time there were opportunities to exchange ideas and ask and answer questions.

The days were interesting and varied, and I would like to extend my thanks to my colleagues at VIACOR ASIA

We were also really pleased with the number of people who came from across South East Asia and actively participated in our workshop.

It was a diverse experience with people from many different countries, accompanied by many interest-ing stories and conversations and especially a lot of laughter and fun – besides this there was also some learning going on.

I hope that we were able to give the delegates an insight into our world and pass on all the important points. I’m already looking forward to future workshops in Malaysia.

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