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VIACOR welcomes Peter Dietrich

Let us introduce: Peter Dietrich, our new Director International Business Development

After only 3 weeks with VIACOR, one gets the impression that Peter belongs to the VIACOR Team since many years already– deeply embedded in the VIACOR Team.

Every morning, only after a few seconds the “good mood maker” infects everyone else with his good spirits. These are wonderful starting conditions in order move things forward together.

Peter held various positions

so he served Germany as a federal soldier, succeeded as sales director in different industries, headed an export department at the HQ for the company where he became the UK managing director at an international manufacturer for liquid applied waterproofing and coating systems later. His way led him from Kassel across Germany to the UK and now back to Germany/Rottenburg. We are happy to have Peter on board with his international sales- and leading expertise, coupled with his intercultural competency.

Now a few questions for Peter:

„What will be your tasks as Director International Business Development?“
Of course, my primary role will be the development and maintenance of VIACOR’s industrial flooring business. Together with the VIACOR Team and as a partner of our customers my goals are:

  • To ensure that the brand VIACOR will be established even more in the changing markets
  • To recognize regional needs
  • To develop market opportunities and to create individual solutions for our customers
  • Further build and strengthen strategic cooperations and potential in existing and new business areas
  • In this role one can only win with a strong team and an agile organization at his side. All this is given at VIACOR.

„How did you experience the first weeks at VIACOR?“
My first weeks at VIACOR were in first place characterized by a feeling of “being welcome in the team” and a lot of learning. As always when taking on a challenge, one must familiarize with the new organization and team.

„What are you looking forward to most / also beyond work?“
I am mostly looking forward to being able to travel again. Due to the pandemic we all have to live with restrictions and I hope that all of us will soon be able to live without these limitations soon again.

„What are you enthusiastic about?“
When working in sales, no matter in what way, one should be curious. That is why I am opened to and enthusiastic about new things. No matter if it is architecture, art, music, a good book, a walk in the woods or a well-done processing of our products and of course meet with new person; all of these things can make me enthusiastic..

„Do you have a motto?“
Be the person you want to meet.

„Dear Peter, we wish you a lot of success and fun in the VIACOR Team!“